Low Noise Compact CCD Spectrometer

• Low dark noise and stray light • Flexible optical input direct to slit or via fiber • Designed from the ground up for a wide range of applications • High speed data acquisition • Standard design allows up to 200-1050nm range • USB 1.1/2.0 interface with 16bit • Supports up to 8 USB multi-channel configuration • NEW UV enhancing coating

Detectors Sony ILX511 (UV Enhanced Coated)
▶ Number of Pixels : 2048
▶ Sensing Pixel Size : 14 μm X 200 μm
▶ Sensitivity : 180V/(lx s)@660 nm
▶ Well depth : 62,500e-
Spectrograph # 2.7
Dark Noise RMS < 35 RMS counts @ 35 msec
Signal to Noise Ratio > 250 : 1
Fiber Coupler SMA905 or FC standard
Wavelength Range Full Range : 200 ~ 1050 nm
UV Range : 200 ~ 450 nm
VIS Range : 380 ~ 760 nm
NIR Range : 550 ~ 1050 nm
Order Sorting Filter Longpass filter or linear variable filter
installed per wavelength coverage
Optical Resolution 0.3 ~ 10 nm FWHM
Stray Light Level < 0.3% @632 nm (< 0.1% AVG)
Computer Interface USB 1.1/2.0 compatible
Min. Exposure Time 1 msec
Trigger Mode Free Run S/W Trigger H/W Trigger
Operationg System Windows 7/10 (32/64 bit)
SDK Support Visual C++ , Visual Basic , LabVIEW
Dimensions / Weight 90 mm X 70 mm X 44 mm / 0.4 Kg

The Choice for High Speed Data Acquisition Applications

The SM245 is a compact CCD Spectrometer for use with a PC. Based on the SM200 optical bench design, it supports many different applications where spectral or color measurements are required, including high dynamic range applications.

The SM245 can accept light directly through its built-in slit or via optical fiber. A removable faceplate allows the use of standard SMA 905, FC and custom fiber connectors. This faceplate also allows direct attachment to dedicated systems and a number of SMX Accessories. The durable aluminum housing that encloses the SM245 provides stable optical bench operation over a wide range of temperatures.

The standard sensor array used is the Sony ILX 511. The array driver electronics have been designed for highly sensitive yet stable operati This array (in conjunction with our special UV coating process and custom order sorting filters) allows up to a 850nm measurement window located from 200nm to 1050nm (smaller measurement window sizes increase spectral resolution and light sensitivity). The design of the SM245 also allows use of custom arrays for special applications, including photodiode assemblies and alternative CCD arrays.

Standard interfaces to the SM245 include a USB 2.0 interface with 16-bit extended dynamic range and a PCI card interface with 12-bit dynamic range. Custom interfaces and legacy ISA and PCMCIA interfaces are available.

Software support includes a SDK and DLLs for dedicated applications development and our SM32Pro Windows-based spectral acquisition and analysis software. Both standard and legacy interface designs provide support for advanced acquisition programming and external triggering.

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