Compact Ethernet Communication Spectrometer

• Wide Spectral Range (up to 200~1050nm) • Enhanced Dark Current Noise • High Speed Data Acquisition • Communication over long distance • OnBoard averaging - average up to 65,535 spectra • OnBoard Memory(Volatile) - 31,000 spectra • Enable user-set linear 256-step adjustable digital gain and offset • Interface - Ethernet, USB, RS232(Custom)

Detectors Sony ILX511 (UV Enhanced Coated)
▶ Number of Pixels : 2048 (Effective)
▶ Sensing Pixel Size : 14 μm X 200 μm
▶ Well depth : 62,500e-
Dark Noise RMS < 35 in 16bit @ 35ms integration time
Signal to Noise Ratio > 300 : 1
Fiber Optic Connector SMA905 N.A.=0.22 Optical Fiber Input
Wavelength Range Full Range : 200 ~ 1050 nm
Other user customized range is possible
Filter Second Order Blocking Filter Installed
Optical Resolution 0.3 ~ 10 nm
dependent on spectral range, slit width, and fiber core diameter
Stray Light Level <0.1 % AVG
Onboard Memory(Volatile) 31,000 spectra
Onboard Averaging Up to 65,533 spectra
Data Transfer Speed Up to 250 Spectra Per Second Via Ethernet and USB2.0
Computer Interface Ethernet, USB, RS232(Custom)
Min. Exposure Time 1 msec
Trigger Mode Free Run Mode, S/W Trigger Mode,
External Trigger Mode (20-pin Connector)
: TTL Edge Trigger input/digital output for monitoring
Operationg System Windows 7/ 10 (32/64 bit)
Software SMProMX
Software Development Kit Visual C++ DLL /LabVIEW VI SDK
Dimensions (Inches) 90 mm X 70 mm X 44 mm (3.54 x 2.76 x 1.73)
Weight 0.4 Kg

Excellent choice for high speed data acquisition and various applications

Korea Spectral Products is offering the new SM245N high speed 2048 pixel array CCD spectrometer. Thanks to the enhanced design on the electronic board of the SM245N, the dark current noise level as well as the data acquisition speed have been improved.

Based on special optical bench design, it supports various applications where spectral or color measurements are required, including high speed data acquisition. The SM245N can accept light directly through its built-in slit or via optical fiber. The durable mechanical housing that encloses the SM245N provides stable optical bench operation over a wide range of temperatures.

Our array detectors(in conjunction with our special UV coating process and customized order sorting filters) allows up to a 1050 nm measurement range from 200 nm to 1050 nm (smaller measurement range mix increase spectral resolution and light sensitivity).

SM245N delivers acquisition communications via USB and Ethernet. Our USB board can support up to 8 multi-channel configurations, which allows a wide range of high-resolution or dual spectrometer systems (one for measurement and the other for reference). Applying a new UV-enhanced coating to the CCD increases UV sensitivity below 450 nm compared to conventional UV coatings widely used in CCD spectrometers. Thanks to this new UV coating, signal sensitivities below 450 nm can generally be improved 2-3 times more.

Software support includes SDKs and DLLs for developing dedicated applications and Windows OS-based spectrum acquisition and analysis software (SM32ProMX).

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